When translating a text related to popular culture, be it a sci-fi novel, a movie, a comic, or a video game, it should be mandatory for the professional assigned with the task to not only be skilled and specialized in the field, able to recognize the most commonly used words and tecnical terms, but also to love and be familiar with the subject matter at a personal level.

Virginia Petrarca is a full-time Japanese-Italian (main) and English-Italian freelance translator specialised in gaming and entertainment since 2007, which grants her a great deal of experience. She’s been continuously and passionately studying Japanese language and culture – both traditional and modern – since 2002, in Italy as well as by periodically traveling to Japan. She’s also studied abroad in Tokyo for 6 months at the Akamonkai Japanese Language School, levels Intermediate I and II (equal to a JLPT N2 level), and has so far attained the Japanese Proficiency Test, Level N1 with a score of 132/180.


  • A careful work tailored on your needs and guidelines and with maximum adherence to your glossaries and style guides;
  • Quickness without sacrificing accuracy (up to 5000 English words/6500 Japanese moji per day in crunch time – average is 3000 English words/4000 Japanese moji);
  • Love for the subject matter, deep and extensive experience and knowledge of popular Internet culture and memes, sci-fi and Japanese culture at the service of the best end result;
  • Target-oriented workflow, based on an average between wordcount, available days and complexity level;
  • Responsible and serious working attitude with flexible time management to ensure never to miss a deadline. I’ll always contact you right away if any issue arises;
  • In-depth documentation process and context study, and multiple checks, even on completed files, to make sure everything is consistent and no subsequent errors escape;
  • Great respect for the source work and its target audience as well as for bridging cultural differences;
  • Friendly and professional communication throughout the project; I’ll always aim to reach an agreement between mutual needs with a smile.


  • Outsourcing your work to some unknown third party, who may or may not be qualified for the task. You’ll be sure to always be in direct contact with the actual person doing the translations;
  • Rush the translation, not taking the time to review it at least once and throwing you a rough, unchecked draft;
  • Lying or exaggerating about my fields of expertise, taking up a project for which I’m not specialised without warning you first;
  • And, of course… missing a deadline!


  • I play games since I was 6 and am still an active and expert video gamer, an avid reader of books and Japanese comics and a watcher of movies and TV series;
  • I’ve spent years (starting from 2003) writing original video game features and reviews in Italian for various magazines, and therefore have a very good command of my mother tongue, besides knowing all the typical terms, idioms and ways of speaking in this field;
  • I love translating, and I’ve done translations of video game-related material (ie. FAQs) since high school.
  • I’m both a Japanese-Italian translator and a gaming expert, so hiring me in your team is ideal for granting that extra accuracy when localizing a Japanese title. Put me to the test with a Japanese RPG or adventure!

Be sure to check both the Portfolio and Personal projects pages to have a look at the things I’ve translated both professionally and non-profit (= just for kicks 🙂 ).

I hope to work with you soon!
Virginia Petrarca

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